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Marileen Arbouw - about me
I was born in the small city of Delft in the year of eighty eight as a breech baby in a hospital bed. I grew up close to the sea spending most of my days outside playing with friends, singing silly children’s songs and drawing pictures of animals and other things. Together with my sister I recorded an endless stream of songs on an old tape recorder and pretended to travel the world in a taxi. I loved dancing, gymnastics, playing my silver flute, foraging berries and mushrooms and building indoor tents.

As I grew older, drawing seemed to be the only career path that made sense to me, so I decided to study Illustration in Rotterdam. I then proceeded to drop out only months before graduating, having completely lost my mojo. I then went on a scavenger hunt to find it back. I started to take on gardening and got a permaculture design course certificate. I started spending more time in the kitchen and gradually turned into a major foodie. I traveled, started singing again and I finally learned how to play the guitar. Slowly but gradually I found back my mojo, and it seemed my artwork had become even richer in color and detail than it ever was before.

These days I’m living life as a (digital) nomad. Exploring, designing, cooking and offering sacred song wherever, whenever I can. Some of my work is on this website and some of my songs are on soundcloud for your ears to have a listen to:


Please do get in touch with me for commissioned work through the following email: